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Carson City

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Carson City was founded as a community in 1858, seven years after the first settlement of Eagle Station trading post in 1851. Eagle Valley had been settled by ranchers. Carson City is named for the famous frontiersman and scout Christopher "Kit" Carson. During his 1843-1844 expedition, John C. Fremont had named Carson City's nearby river for Kit Carson, Fremont's scout. Pioneer Abraham Curry arrived in Eagle Valley in 1858 and soon thereafter surveyed and plotted a town site.

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Dayton, NV

Dayton Area Information:

Nevada's first GOLD discovery was in 1849, in Dayton: Gold Cañon, where the Comstock was born. Dayton was also Nevada's first permanent settlement in 1851. Dayton boasts many other firsts in Nevada's history, including being the site of Nevada's first Chinatown and home of Lyon County's first courthouse.

During the Gold Rush, thousands of emigrants came West in wagons and on horseback. They camped at today's Dayton if snow made the Sierra Nevada impassable. The steady flow of visitors led to the area's growth. A trading post was built by Spafford Hall of Indiana on the banks of Gold Creek in 1852.

Dayton is known for its beautiful high-desert setting, rich historical heritage and desirable location. Plus, it’s only a short drive from the historic old mining town of Virginia City, Nevada's state capitol of Carson City, Reno, the "Biggest Little City", and world-renown Lake Tahoe.

Population in July 2007: 8,896.

Minden/Gardnerville - Carson Valley

About Carson Valley:

Douglas County, Nevada, is truly a wonderful place. From the Lake Tahoe basin to the Carson Valley floor, we are graced with the majestic presence of the Sierra Nevada, the dramatic views of Job's Peak, the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe, the serene Pine Nut Mountains, and expansive agricultural lands.

Combined with a favorable climate, unlimited outdoor recreation, quality schools, and a healthy business environment, you have Douglas County! It's why people choose to move their businesses and families here - it's because of our quality of life.

Historical Highlights

The Carson Valley has a rich historical heritage dating back to the 1850s, when it became a favored trading post and way station for early frontier settlers and immigrants traveling in wagon trains and on horseback. Today, you can travel back in time by visiting any of the historic sites or taking part in local tours. For a self-guided tour map, contact the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Authority.


In 1879, the Gardnerville Hotel, a blacksmith shop and a saloon were built along e new road running north and south (today it is Highway 395). At the center of a hay and grain-producing community, Gardnerville was born. Named after John M. Gardner, Gardnerville began as a homestead dating back to 1861.